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The Story of How Singers Gummy and Ha Dongkyun Helped IU to Make Her Debut

  • 28 Nov, 2019

IU has now become one of South Korea's top singers. 

If IU hadn't made her debut, we wouldn't have heard her good songs. Gummy and Ha Dongkyun might be two artists who have played the biggest part in IU's debut

Image Source: The Qoo

IU liked Gummy's songs so much that she used to sing Gummy's songs in auditions.

Even when IU auditioned for LOEN Entertainment -- IU's first agency when she made her debut -- she prepared Gummy's song. As if it's a destiny, Gummy attended the audition that day as a judge since she is a good friend of the producer who was in charge of the audition.

Listening to IU's cover of her song, Gummy was moved and she fell in love with her voice. She praised IU and told the producer that he had to scout IU. Thanks to Gummy, IU was able to pass the audition and joined LOEN Entertainment.

Image Source: As tagged

As for Ha Dongkyun, he taught IU to sing at the agency. It was when IU was still a trainee. 

In one radio show, IU herself once thanked Ha Dongkyun for the lesson he had taught. She said, "When I was a trainee, I was taught to sing by Ha Dongkyun. He used to criticize me with bad words such as 'You can't sing' and 'Your voice is weird.' However, he comforted me later. He was also there when I had a hard time. He gave great consolation to me. He was the best teacher for me."

Image Source: The Qoo

Well, it seems like we have to thank Gummy and Ha Dongkyun to let it all happened! 

Source: [Youtube] skyhoya777

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Twitter '@May_Queen_IU'

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