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Park Hyungsik is Adorably Jealous of Park Seojoon's Interaction with Choi Wooshik on Instagram

  •  6 Dec, 2019

Park Hyungsik got all jealous mealous of Park Seojoon. 

On December 5th, Park Seojoon took to his Instagram and uploaded a photo of night scenery. The actor didn't write anything in the caption but tagged best friend Choi Wooshik's account. 

In return, Choi Wooshik left a comment, saying, "As expected, night scenery is the best," which Park Seojoon replied, "You're lonely? What are you doing tonight."

Image Source: Instagram 

Seeing this, Park Hyungsik, also Park Seojoon's best friend, showed his jealousy and wrote an adorable comment, "Why did you tag that person?" 

Image Source: Instagram

Not to mention, fans who saw this smiled ear-to-ear and showered them with love through comments such as "I wish I can have Park Hyungsik as my friend, he is so cute when he is jealous," "Park Seojoon was caught red-handed," "I love these three's friendship," and more. 

Image Source: The Qoo

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC, Instagram '@bn_sj2013'

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