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OH MY GIRL's Seunghee and Baek Yerin Once Appeared on SBS' 'Star King' and Had Their Special Collaboration Stage

  • 11 Dec, 2019

Seunghee and Baek Yerin were born with singing skills.

One past footage of singer Baek Yerin and OH MY GIRL's Seunghee appearing on SBS' 'Star King' has recently become the talk of the town. When they were still 10 and 11 years old, Baek Yerin and Seunghee appeared on the show with the nicknames of '10-year-old ballad genius' and '11-year-old BoA.' They came to the program to show their outstanding singing skills. 

Image Source: SBS

They once took the stage for a special New Year's Day performance together. Kang Hodong, who was the MC of the show, asked Seunghee how she felt when she heard Yerin's song. Seunghee answered, "I listened to Yerin's song in the waiting room and I got goosebumps from head to toe." Seunghee praised Yerin with a witty tone.

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS ENTER PLAY' Screenshot

Fans who watched the video left comments, "They haven't changed since then," "Seunghee reacted just the same as how she reacts now," "They were so talented since day one," and more. 

You can watch their performances on 'Star King' in the video above.

Source: [Youtube] SBS ENTER PLAY

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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