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Gong Yoo Said He has Been Recently Attracted to Aggressive Women, Talked about Marriage

  • 12 Dec, 2019

Gong Yoo explained how his ideal type has recently changed.

On the December 11th episode of Lee Dongwook's 'Because I Want to Talk,' Gong Yoo talked more about his ideal type. It's indeed not the first time for the actor to talk about his dream girl. However, Gong Yoo revealed that things have changed lately. 

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot 

He started, "I like someone who behaves like my father." When asked for a more specific explanation, Gong Yoo revealed, "I think aggressive women also charming. I think the era has changed a lot. I don't think there is a rule saying that it has to be men who propose." 

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot 

Jang Doyeon, the sub-MC of the show, joked, "Then if you have time, will you marry me?" To this, Gong Yoo implicitly shared his thoughts on getting married. He said, "I still don't have thoughts on getting married." 

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, South China Morning Post

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