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6 Male Celebrities Who Look All Cold Outside but All Possessive When They are Dating

  • 26 Dec, 2019

They have confessed that they are quite possessive when in a relationship. 

It's a normal thing to be possessive -- as long as it's not over-possessive -- with your lover when in a relationship. These male celebs, too, have confessed that they are the possessive-type boyfriend. Despite their cold image, they indeed take care of their lover much. Without further ado, check out who they are in the list below! 

Kang Dongwon

Image Source: CINE21

Kang Dongwon once revealed in an interview, "I was a sophomore back then. I didn't know anything and I was so obsessed with my girlfriend that I made her annoyed." 

EXO's D.O 

Image Source: As tagged

D.O said that he was obsessed with his girlfriend when he was in a relationship for the first time. He said, "We were separated because I was too possessive. It's a hurting memory of mine. I think it doesn't good to be possessive to anything."


Image Source: The Qoo

When Kangnam appeared on KBS' 'Hello Counselor' in 2017 he revealed that he becomes possessive when in a relationship.

Lee Seokhoon 

Image Source: Instagram '@lee.seokhoon'

Just like Kang Dongwon, D.O, and Kangnam, Lee Seokhoon used to be possessive to his girlfriend. He said, "I would call her until she received the call."

Lee Joon 

Image Source: Singles

Lee Joon revealed on MBC's 'Radio Star,' "There's a time when I missed call my girlfriend 140 times because she didn't answer it."

Yoon Hyunmin

Image Source: Instagram '@yoonhyunmin'

At one press conference for his drama, Yoon Hyunmin revealed that in the past, he was so obsessed with his girlfriend.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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