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Famous Mukbang Youtuber Addresses Allegations of Her Vomiting the Food After the Broadcast

  • 10 Jan, 2020

She replied to people's comments saying that she struggles from bulimia.

Eating show, or better known as Mukbang, has become one of the most popular contents in South Korea since 2010. Mukbang shows a person eating food (mostly in a huge amount) in front of the camera while interacting with their audience. 

Moon Bokhee, stylized as Boki, is currently one of the most popular Korean Mukbang hosts. She has over 2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. Despite all the love and support from her fans, she has unfortunately encountered allegations of bulimia. People suspect that she would actually vomit the food she ate on the broadcast. In fact, she edited out several parts where she swallows the food. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Eat with Boki' Screenshot

However, on January 9th, she herself addressed the rumors and denied the allegations. She wrote in the video description of her video titled 'Malatang Guobaorou Lamb Skewers Mukbang ASMR Korean Eating Show,' "Recently, I have received many aggressive and groundless comments. Among them, there are some who say that I spat out the food after I chewed it. I'm sad because I think I'm being questioned about my sincerity."

She continued, "I always read the comments from people who like me. I sometimes click the like button or write a reply to some of them, to express my gratitude. I am so upset about those comments. I'll always try hard for better content. Today, too, thank you for enjoying my videos."

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Source: [Youtube] Eat with Boki

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'Eat with Boki' Screenshot, The Qoo

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