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Park Seojoon Made Headlines with His Young-Looking Visual in a School Uniform for Upcoming Drama 'Itaewon Class' Despite His 31-Year-Old Age

  • 20 Jan

Park Seojoon still looks great in school uniform. 

On January 20th, JTBC released new still cuts of Park Saeroy (played by Park Seojoon) ahead of the premiere of 'Itaewon Class.' In the new still cuts, Park Seojoon wears school uniforms. 

Image Source: JTBC

Park Seojoon will take the role of Park Saeroy, who doesn't give one inch in the face of injustice and is quick to jump to action. He is still harboring anger after the death of his father, the CEO of a large food company when he takes to Itaewon to pursue his dream.  

Image Source: JTBC

Fans have swooned over the actor's young-looking visual. Not to mention, Park Seojoon was born in 1988, making him 32 years old this year. Several comments for Park Seojoon on the web read, "It's amazing how a 31-year-old man can suit school uniforms," "He really looks young here," "It seems like he ages backward," and more. 

The webtoon-based drama 'Itaewon Class' tells the story of young entrepreneurs living in the heart of Itaewon - a small street filled with a representation of the entire globe.  

Image Source: JTBC

Along with Park Seojoon, actress Kim Dami plays the role of a lovely, but cold sociopath, Jo Yiseo. Kwon Nara will be playing the character Oh Sooah, the lead female character in the drama, an employee of a rival company. She's a talented, capable career woman whose confidence and honesty win over those around her.  

The drama will premiere this January 31st at 10.50 P.M KST. While waiting for the premiere, you can watch the latest teaser of the drama above. 

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Drama

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC, The Qoo

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