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One Fan Asked Hyun Bin to Pat Her Head at a Past Fan Meeting, Her Reaction was 100% Relatable

  •  7 Feb, 2020

We all can understand her. Completely.

The clip was taken from the past fan meeting of Hyun Bin for 'Medi Heal' in March 2019. Among hundreds of lucky fans who were eligible for the actor's signature, one fan has garnered attention with her "extra" reaction in front of Hyun Bin. 

While talking to Hyun Bin, the fan seemed to ask the actor to pat her head. Hyun Bin fulfilled her wish and gave a quick pat on her head. Despite its super-short period, the fan got her legs weak and fell in front of Hyun Bin. 

Seeing the fan got almost "unconscious" from his pat, Hyun Bin smiled affectionately to the fan. You can also see a staff member at the back held his laugh for the fan's reaction. 

Several comments on the web read, "I will also get my legs weak if Hyun Bin does that to me," "I really want to go to his fan meeting and ask the same thing," "His gaze is so charming, I'm melting," and more. 

Meanwhile, you can watch the complete fancam of Hyun Bin from the fan meeting below. 

Source: [Youtube] Very Bin

Thumbnail Credit: HB ONE, foxtail millet

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