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Introducing You Bae Inhyuk: Rookie Actor Who Got His Popularity Skyrocketing from the Web Series 'XX'

  • 10 Feb

Bae Inhyuk is definitely another actor we all should look forward to.

The 1998-born has been recently receiving much love for his role Park Danhee in web drama 'XX.' Park Danhee is a former athlete who put an end to his career after an accident. He decided to become a bartender after seeing Nana (played by EXID's Hani)'s passion for her job and has been his colleague for two years. Park Danhee secretly has a crush towards her. 

Image Source: Fides Spatium 

Bae Inhyuk steals heart both for his talents in acting and his visual. A lot of fans claim that he resembles Highlight's Yoon Doojoon and rising actor Lee Jaewook. 

In fact, 'XX' is not Bae Inhyuk's first project. In 2019, he was featured on the web drama 'Who Kissed Me.' He is currently managed under the actor agency Fides Spatium. 

So, will you add him to your bias list? 

Source: [Youtube] MBCdrama

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Instagram '@inhyuk_bb'

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