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BTS' JHope was Spotted with Cute Nail Art, Just Perfect for His Extremely Beautiful Fingers

  • 11 Feb

The nail art suits his long fingers much. 

JHope is famous among ARMYs for having pretty, long fingers. His fingers are so beautiful that anyone can mistake them as a woman's fingers only by looking at them. Not to mention, rings and nail art will just make his fingers prettier.  

Image Source: As tagged

In fact, JHope has done nail art several times. When he released his song 'Chicken Noodle Soup' featuring Becky G, he drew chickens on his fingernails.

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Image Source: The Qoo

JHope's pre-release his song 'EGO' for the 'Maps of the Soul: 7.' For the music video, he also decorated his nails to fit the mood of the song. He drew 'EGO's alphabet and smiley emoticon on his fingernails. 

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

Image Source: The Qoo

How do you like JHope with nail art? 

Thumbnail Credit: HOPEYES, The Qoo

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