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Donghyuk Talked More about His Self-Produced Song 'Flower' in iKON's New Album 'iDECIDE'

  • 12 Feb

Donghyuk shared honest thoughts about his song 'Flower.' 

On February 12th, iKON members came as the special guests on the radio show 'Kim Shinyoung's Hope Song at Noon.' During the talk, member Donghyuk talked more about producing a song for the first time. As previously reported, he produced 'Flower,' the fifth track of 'iDECIDE.'  

Donghyuk started, "It was the first song I'd created for the team so I was happy with it but I wanted to know the members' reactions and I wasn't very confident, so I asked for their opinions quite a lot. I was only able to do it because the song received a positive reaction from the other members." He added that he has never thought of himself as a genius.

Image Source: MBC 

He continued, "I wanted to play the song for the members because they are very objective with their assessments. Everyone sets aside their personal preferences and listens to songs in detail. Jinhwan doesn't usually say when something is good but he said that he enjoyed listening to the song on his own and that made me feel like it was a success." To this, Jinhwan confirmed, "Yes, I criticize more than I praise."

'Flower' is a medium tempo dance song with a touch of an electronic piano to add the addictive melody. If you haven't listened to the song yet, you can check it out below. 

Source: [Youtube] iKON

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@_dong_ii,' SILVER

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