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Reasons Why These Eight Actors/Actresses had Debuted as an Child Actor

  • 13 Feb, 2020

Some famous actors and actresses have been acting since they were very young. These 8 debuted as child actors and actresses, constantly appearing in dramas and movies. But fo you know why did they debut so early? Check out why they started their career sooner than most!

Kim Sohyun

Image Source: The Qoo

When she was young, it was popular for kids to go tp acting academies. Kim Sohyun also went with her friends and, at some point, she made her way to enter the industry. Kim Sohyun made her first drama appearance at the age of 6. 

Lee Seyoung

Image Source: The Qoo

When Lee Seyoung was young, there was a famous kidnapping case in Korea. Her parents were anxious that she would be one of the targets because she was so pretty. Her parents decided to make her debut as a child actress so that anyone would easily recognize her. 

Nam Jihyun

Image Source: The Qoo

Nam Jihyun appeared on a children quiz show. That day, one drama director saw her and cast her. 

Yoo Seungho

Image Source: The Qoo

Yoo Seungho's family exonomically struggled when he was a kid. Yoo Seungho had to put an extra effort to make money. That's why he made his debut at the age of 7. Because of his childhood memories, Yoo Seungho used to think that he should not rest until high school. 

Kim Yoojung

Image Source: The Qoo

Kim Yoojung's mother posted her picture on the Internet when she was young. One director gave a CF offer after seeing Kim Yoojung's photos. Just like that, she debuted as a CF model at the age of 4. She then made her acting debut through auditions. 

Yeo Jingoo

Image Source: The Qoo

When Yeo Jingoo was young, he thought he would like to appear on TV shows. He told his parents about the idea and they agreed, saying it would be good for him to improve his personality. At the age of nine, he first debuted through the film 'Sad Movie' in 2005.

Kim Saeron

Image Source: The Qoo

Kim Saeron's mother was a magazine model and she gave up her acting dream when she got married. She is familiar with acting and three of her daughter, including Kim Saeron, have become actresses.

Jung Insun

Image Source: The Qoo

When Jung Insun was young, she followed her brother to an acting school. She tried hard just because she didn't want to lose to her brother. Later, however, she became interested in acting and made her debut as an actress in 1996.

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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