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BLACKPINK is Rumored to Have Their Documentary on Netflix, Netflix didn't Really Deny

  • 14 Feb

BLACKPINK might (or might not) have their special documentary on Netflix.

The rumors broke out after one fan tried to search 'BLACKPINK' on Netflix and discovered something unexpected. The result showed 'Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary' as a related title. 

Image Source: Netflix

Up until now, neither Netflix or YG Entertainment has confirmed it. However, when one fan personally reached to Netflix, asking them about the "finding," Netflix didn't really refute. They said, "Hey, thanks for reaching out! We currently don't have any info on when that'll be released. Make sure to follow our social handle for updates though!"

Image Source: Twitter 

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has confirmed the group's comeback to happen in near future, saying, "BLACKPINK intends to repay fans who have been waiting for them for so long, with good music and good news soon."

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@jennierubyjane,' YG Entertainment 

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