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Looking Petite in 'Itaewon Class,' Actress Kim Dami Surprised Netizens with Her Real Height of 170 cm (+ Photos)

  • 21 Feb, 2020

Kim Dami is not as petite as you might have thought.

Yes, the 1995-born actress is 170 cm in height. For women, 170 cm is a very tall height. Kim Dami looks small in the drama mainly because of the other actors' tall(er) height. In fact, Park Seojoon is 186 cm in height and Kwon Nara is 171 cm. 

Recently, photos of "real" Kim Dami on the red carpet have been circulating in various online communities, showing how great her body proportion really is. Check out some of them below! 

Image Source: Insight 

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC, The Qoo

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