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Kwon Nara has Once Again Made Headlines for Her Visual, Showing off Her Perfect Bare Face

  • 10 Mar

Kwon Nara is beautiful even without makeup.

Actress Kwon Nara is gaining (even more) popularity after appearing on JTBC drama 'Itaewon Class.' Not to mention, we, too, are amazed every time her face got zoomed-in by the camera because she is amazingly beautiful. However, it seems like it's too early to be surprised by her beauty. This may be hard to believe but her bare face is even more beautiful.

Kwon Nara appeared on MBC's 'I Live Alone' in September 2019. She showed her daily life on the show, even her bare face. At that time, she shared her own skincare routine. Her method was to moisturize her face with a green tea pack after washing her face.

Image Source: MBC

Kwon Nara boasted bright skin even after removing her makeup. Despite her bare face, her features looked distinctly as if they were under the light. She already had perfect skin, but she didn't neglect skincare.

Image Source: MBC

With the video back on the headlines, fans have once again could see Nara's perfect, flawless bare face. Several comments from Netizens read, "How can she looks so beautiful without makeup?" "I really envy her skin," "She is blessed with visual and great skin," and more.

Check out her skincare routine in the video below!

Source: [NAVER TV] 나 혼자 산다

Thumbnail Credit: MBC, JTBC

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