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Choreographer Lia Kim Talked about BTS' 'ON' Choreography: "There are Many Things to Learn from the Dance"

  • 25 Mar

Lia Kim shared her thoughts on BTS' 'ON' choreography. 

On March 24th, Lia Kim came as a guest on MBC's 'Idol Radio,' along with Minny Park and Tina Boo. The three dancers made their name big being the aces of worldwide famous 1MILLION dance studio. Currently, a total of 46 talented dancers/choreographers are under 1MILLION crew. The dance studio has over 20 million subscribers on Youtube. 

Image Source: MBC

While talking about idol dances these days, Lia Kim was asked if there is one that captures her attention much that she would like to cover. To this, Lia Kim mentioned BTS' 'ON.'

She explained, "I watched the music video and I heard that famous LA dancers made the choreography. I think the choreography composition is so great from the start to the end and there are so many things to learn from the dance. I want to learn it."

Image Source: marie claire

Lia Kim has been known as one of South Korea's best dancers and choreographers. She has worked together with various idols, including TWICE, Sunmi, BoA, IOI, and more.

So, are you looking forward to Lia Kim's dance cover of 'ON' sometime soon, maybe? 

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Youtube 'Big Hit Labels' Screenshot 

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