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Child Actor Seo Woojin Showed Adorable Confidence in His Pretty Visual, Recalling His Childhood(?) in The Behind Video of 'Hi Bye, Mama!'

  •  6 Apr, 2020

Child actor Seo Woojin is all confident with his pretty visual. 

In one of the behind-the-scenes videos of 'Hi Bye, Mama!' actress Kim Taehee and child actor Seo Woojin are seen talking during their break. Kim Taehee looked at Woojin and said, "I was not as pretty as Woojin (when I was young)." Misinterpreted Kim Taehee's words, Woojin asked back in a sullen look, "You mean I'm not pretty?"

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN DRAMA' Screenshot

Kim Taehee then replied, "You're prettier than me. I wasn't as pretty as you when I was young." When Woojin heard that, he said, "When I was young, I was pretty," making everyone burst into laughter. 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN DRAMA' Screenshot

Check out the video below to see Woojin's lovely confidence about his pretty visual!

Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, The Qoo

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