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Fans have Found Suspicious SNS Account of Big Hit Labels, Claim They are for the Agency's New Girl Group

  • 14 Apr, 2020

The accounts might or might not be for the new girl group. 

Earlier this year, Big Hit Labels have announced that they are working to debut new girl group. While nothing has been confirmed, fans have had high expectations for that, given that Big Hit Labels is the home of two huge boy groups: BTS and TXT.

Image Source: Instiz

Now, fans claim that the upcoming girl group will debut under the name 'HYBE.' It was all started when some found Big Hit Labels had registered the name for copyright. 

Image Source: Twitter

On top of that, SNS accounts for the possible group have now been made. Fans have found Twitter and Instagram accounts of 'HYBE.' As for now, the accounts are still kept private without any post that has been made. 

Image Source: Instagram

What are your thoughts on this, ladies and gentlemen? Do you think these accounts are for Big Hit Labels' new girl group?

Thumbnail Credit: MintChoco, Instagram '@official.hybe'

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