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TXT Once Asked for a Suggestion to Senior Labelmate BTS' Jin, He Gave Them His Dad Jokes Instead

  • 16 Apr, 2020

Jin was being Jin. 

In an episode of 'ONE DREAM.TXT,' the members once went to their senior labelmate BTS' Jin for a suggestion. They asked Jin what America looks like, prior to their showcase in the country.

The members were all serious and excited to receive some words from Jin, who has been travelling to the States multiple times for BTS' world tours. 

Image Source: Instiz

However, unlike their expectation, Jin answered them with his dad jokes. Jin jokingly said, "In America, people don't speak Korean." As soon as the boys heard Jin's answer, they burst out laughing and clapped for his sense.

Well, it seems like we will never be able to separate Jin with his dad jokes, won't we?

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