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SEVENTEEN's Mingyu was Spotted Taking Care of Staff Members Carefully, and One MV Director Revealed How Considerate Mingyu Really is

  • 17 Apr

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is very (like, very) polite.

Fashion magazine 'HIGH CUT' has recently uploaded the behind video of the photoshoot with SEVENTEEN members. In the behind video, four members of SEVENTEEN -- Hoshi, The8, Mingyu, and Vernon -- proceeded with the shooting for the magazine's 260th issue.

In the video, Mingyu is seen packing some snacks for the staff and models. Fans thought he was packing snacks to eat them because he was famous for eating so well. However, he handed out snacks to staff members who couldn't eat a meal.

Image Source: Youtube 'HIGHCUTV'

In another behind video uploaded by Pledis Entertainment, Mingyu can be also seen showing his consideration for the staff. He asked the camera staff who were filming him to apply hand sanitizer. Mingyu even held the camera for him. 

Image Source: Youtube 'SEVENTEEN' Screenshot

Director of SEVENTEEN's 'Fallin' Flower' music video recently shared a story from when she filmed the music video with SEVENTEEN. She wrote, "When we filmed the 'Fallin' Flower' music video, Mingyu had to stay until the very end to film it. We filmed until 10 A.M the next day and we were really tired. When the last shoot was over, although Mingyu couldn't even open his eyes because he was sleepy, he told me 'You did a great job, Noona.' He must have been very tired, but he didn't show any signs of being tired."

Image Source: The Qoo

How considerate and polite Mingyu really is!

Source: [Youtube] HIGHCUTV

Thumbnail Credit: HIGH CUT, The Qoo

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