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Park Seojoon Explained How He First Got Close to BTS' V in Recent Interview

  • 23 Apr, 2020

Park Seojoon recalled his first encounter with BTS' V.

The actor has recently done a photo shoot with the fashion magazine 'Esquire' for its May issue. Following the photo session, Park Seojoon sat down for an exclusive interview to give fans an insight about them. During the interview, Park Seojoon was asked more about his best friend BTS' V.

Image Source: Esquire

The interviewer asked, "You seem to have wide personal relations and you're even close with BTS' V. You must be the type of a guy who takes good care of your dongsaengs, right?" To this, Park Seojoon answered, "Yes, I am close with V. We just happened to be close."

Image Source: Esquire

He continued, "I don't really think of taking care (of others). When I feel comfortable with someone, even he is a dongsaeng, I will treat him like a friend. We share our concerns and talk a lot. It's hard to make one understands this industry. Even we have different positions, we have similarities."

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Thumbnail Credit: Esquire, The Qoo

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