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Watch: First Cinematic Trailer of Song Joongki and Kim Taeri's Upcoming Sci-Fi Film 'Space Sweepers'

  •  7 May, 2020

The movie trailer is now out! 

On May 6th, cinema company CGV released the first trailer of the upcoming film 'Space Sweepers' featuring Song Joongki, Kim Taeri, and Jin Seonkyu. The film has been described as Korea's first sci-fi blockbuster set in space, with a story and graphics of a scale never seen before. The film is set to premiere this summer. 

Image Source: Facebook 'CGV' Screenshot

'Space Sweepers' is a science fiction film set in the backdrop of the universe, set in the year 2092. Song Joongki, Kim Taeri, and Jin Seonkyu are the lead actors in the film. The film is directed by Jo Sunghee of 'A Werewolf Boy' and 'Phantom Detective.' It's revealed that the film has received a KRW 5 billion (approximately USD 4.07 million) investment for the production. 

Watch the trailer below! 


Source: [Facebook] CGV

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook 'CGV' Screenshot

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