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Jennie and Lisa were Seen Injured ahead of BLACKPINK's Comeback

  • 20 May, 2020

BLINKs have expressed their worries to them. 

Fans first spotted Jennie used crutches at the luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster's exclusive event back on May 12th. Jennie got ankles and ligaments injuries after she tripped herself. She herself had explained, "It won't affect the comeback. So, don't worry guys. I'm getting some rehabilitation treatment and it's going very well."

Image Source: Instiz

Following Jennie, Lisa was also spotted got injured. During a live stream of an event on May 16th where Lisa came as a guest, fans could spot her left ankle got a bruise. On top of that, some fans also claimed that Lisa applied concealer on her legs, meaning that she actually got more than one bruise.

Image Source: Instiz

Although there is still no confirmation about this, fans believe that the two members were injured due to too-tough choreography for BLACKPINK's upcoming comeback.

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

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