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Ahead of 'Hospital Playlist' Finale, Jo Jungsuk Talked about the 2nd Season of the Drama and Promised to Work Hard for the Upcoming Season

  • 27 May

Jo Jungsuk talked about the upcoming season of 'Hospital Playlist.'

On May 27th, the actor relayed his message to loyal fans of the ongoing drama ahead of its final episode which will air on May 28th. Jo Jungsuk said, "I hope that our drama 'Hospital Playlist' can comfort people during these hard times. I think the drama can finish well thanks to the hard work of the staff members as well as the love and support from viewers."

He then thanked viewers who have loved his character Lee Ikjun in the drama. 

Image Source: tvN

The actor went on, "I am so happy that I can get a good drama and a good character. However, more than anything, I am grateful that I have met a lot of great people through the drama. It's unfortunate that the drama has now come to an end. I always enjoyed the filming and had great times." 

Jo Jungsuk then promised that he will work hard for season 2 of the drama. He concluded, "I will work hard preparing for the upcoming season and I will be back."

Image Source: JAM Entertainment 

'Hospital Playlist' tells the story of five doctors who have been friends since they entered medical school in 1999. They are faced with everyday problems of doctors where they have to deal with various patients, sacrifice their personal times, and more. 

Thumbnail Credit: JAM Entertainment

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