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Ravi Revealed He Actually Made ZERO Money During His First 4 Years Promoting with VIXX

  • 10 Jun

It took more than 4 years for VIXX to make money.  

The June 9th episode of MBC's 'On the of 'Lose If You're Envious' featured Wonder Girls' Hyelim with her boyfriend Shin Minchul who are going to tie the knot next month. Hyelim said, "I often heard people ask me if I have several buildings because I am a member of Wonder Girls. Of course, I made money more than most of my friends but it's not to the point I can purchase multiple buildings." 

Image Source: MBC

Hearing her, Shinhwa's Junjin who is one of the panelists at the studio commented, "Not all idols make a lot of money. I think idols make money just as much as they work. There's a misunderstanding about that." 

Image Source: MBC

Ravi also shared his story, "In case of me, it took one and a half years for VIXX to win 1st place at a music show. I thought that we will be conglomerates after that. However, we didn't make any money for around 4 years."

Image Source: MBC

Of course, Ravi's revelation shocks fans much. As you know, VIXX is one of the biggest male K-pop groups in their era. Several comments on the web read, "It must have been tough for them," "I thought that being an idol will give a lot of money," "4 years is a very long time," and more.

Find out more in the video below (Junjin and Ravi talking about the matter starting from 2:13 mark)!

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@ravithecrackkidz,' The Qoo

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