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Big Hit and Mnet's Collab Survival Show 'I-LAND' Stirs up Controversy Ahead of Premiere as Trainee and Staff Member Injured on Set

  • 15 Jun, 2020

Trainee and staff member of 'I-LAND' were injured on set.

According to reports on June 15th, one trainee and one staff member had been injured while filming for the show. 

One insider revealed, "The stage was movable and so dangerously designed that even professionally trained dancers could have fallen and gotten injured. Concerns about safety were raised during the internal meetings, but they pushed ahead with it anyway." The insider continued to share, "Three days prior to the recording, a staff member fell from the stage and bled, but there's no follow-up action. On the day of the filming, one of the trainees fractured his arm and was taken to the emergency room, so he couldn't appear on the show at all. They only modified the stage a little bit. The program's scale should be downsized to match that, or more people need to be hired."

A rep from the show revealed, "It is true that accidents took place on set but we are not trying to cover them up. We have upgraded the safety measures on set. 24 applicants were supposed to be on the show, but because one got hurt, the filming started with 23. We are discussing with the trainee's agency about the support measures we can take. The staff member suffered a minor injury, and we took measures accordingly."

What do you think about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Thumbnail Credit: Mnet

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