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Red Velvet's Seulgi was Spotted Leaving Comments on Jisoo's Instagram, Showing Support for BLACKPINK's Comeback

  • 16 Jun, 2020

Seulgi said that she is looking forward to BLACKPINK's upcoming release!

On June 15th, Jisoo shared her newly released individual poster teaser for BLACKPINK's upcoming comeback on her Instagram account. Jisoo told followers that the release will be on June 26th at 6 P.M. Just like BLINKs, Red Velvet's Seulgi was also spotted showing her will to enjoy the release ASAP.

Seulgi wrote a comment, "Me me me! I am looking forward (to this)." 

Image Source: Instagram 

However, Jisoo accidentally deleted the comment when she was about to reply Seulgi's comment. Thus, Jisoo went to Seulgi's profile and wrote, "No... I wanted to reply your comment but I clicked the 'X' and deleted your comment.. ^^ Haha Sorry. I love you..." Seulgi replied to Jisoo, "LOL, you are cute." 

Image Source: Instagram 

The Red Velvet member then went back to Jisoo's profile and left more comments, "I wrote another comment LOL," and "I said I am waiting for this please come faster!!!!"

Image Source: Instagram 

Not to mention, ReVeluvs and BLINKs are all excited to see how the two groups are close to each other. Irene and Jennie are also well-known as best friends. 

Thumbnail Credit: MBC, The Qoo

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