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Park Bogum and Park Sodam were Spotted Overflowing with Chemistry While Filming Their Drama to the Point Fans Thought They're Dating

  • 22 Jun, 2020

The two look so great together. 

Recently, photos of Park Bogum and Park Sodam filming for their upcoming tvN drama 'Record of Youth.' In their candid photos, Park Bogum and Park Sodam are seen holding hands and laughing together. 

Image Source: Instiz

The two look so close together that some Netizens misunderstood that the photos were taken by paparazzi who'd caught them having a secret date. 

Image Source: Instiz

'Record of Youth' is a drama about the growth of young people in the modeling industry. Park Bogum will be playing the character Sa Hyejoon, a realistic youth whose dream is to become a model and an actor, while Park Sodam will be playing the role of Ahn Jungha, a hardworking girl whose dream is to become a makeup artist. Model turned actor Byun Wooseok will also join the cast of the drama as the second male lead.  

You can check out more of Park Bogum and Park Sodam from the drama filming below. 

Image Source: Instiz

Thumbnail Credit: Instiz

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