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Park Seojoon's Stylings from 'Itaewon Class' Trend in Japan

  •  1 Jul

A lot of Japanese men are trying to be 'Park Saeroy.'

If you have watched 'Itaewon Class,' you must realize how iconic Park Seojoon's styles for his character 'Park Saeroy.' Not only his signature "chestnut hair," but also how he always wear oversized clothes, showing off his boyfriend-look vibes. 

Image Source: JTBC

Now, it has been months since the drama ended. However, it seems like the 'Park Saeroy' hype has yet sunk. In Japan, a lot of public figures have followed his style. Some even have made a parody of the character. You can watch the photos below to see how 'Park Saeroy' is indeed a hit in Japan.

Image Source: The Qoo

'Park Saeroy' has been famous as one of the most iconic characters in Korea. On top of that, Park Seojoon brought the character even stronger with his acting skills in the drama. 

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC

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