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Angry Fans Sent a Protest Truck in front of Big Hit Building, Demanding a Feedback from the Company

  •  2 Jul, 2020

Some enraged ARMYs have sent a protest truck in front of Big Hit building.

Back on June 29th, Big Hit Entertainment updated fans that they are currently taking legal action against haters who spread false rumors and malicious comments. However, some fans think that the company doesn't work "properly" for not releasing the details of the process.

The message in the truck reads, "Have you tried to understand fans and tried to communicate with fans???? Who have you communicated with? We are demanding quick feedback and the release of detailed disclosure of the process and results of the charges."

Image Source: Instiz, @qkd_xks_0613

The truck also got a banner underneath the screen with a message, "Incompetent Big Hit, protect your artists. Allow the third round of charges."

What are your thoughts about this, ladies and gentlemen?

Thumbnail Credit: VOGUE Japan, Instiz

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