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A Fan Revealed How She Once Found Former AOA Member Jimin Stole the Gift She'd Given to Mina

  •  6 Jul, 2020

The fan saw Jimin wore the gift she had given to Mina.

In light of Mina-Jimin's bullying controversy, the fan came forward to reveal more stories about the two. The fan took to an online community and uploaded a post titled "I was a fan of AOA but I feel down now." She revealed that Mina was her one-pick when she still promoted with the group. The fan wrote, "When she announced her departure, I thought that she just wanted to try acting and focused on it." 

She then revealed one shocking story of Jimin "stealing" the gift she had given to Mina. She explained, "I found Jimin wore it so I asked her why she wore it although I gave it to Mina." To prove her claim, she uploaded a photo of Jimin's message on her album with the message, "Sorry, I will not steal Mina's gifts." 

Image Source: Instiz

The fan wrote in her post, "The thing that saddens me the most is the fact that I didn't know what Mina experienced. I feel guilty for that." 

Jimin herself has announced her departure from the group and the entertainment industry after revealed to be a bully in the group. 

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, FNC Entertainment

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