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Actress Seo Jihye Explained How Her Ideal Types has Changed Over Time, Expressed Her Hope to Meet Someone Who Can Accept Her as She is

  • 20 Jul, 2020

Seo Jihye talked more about her current ideal type and the idea of dating.

The actress has recently sat down for a wrap-up interview of her recent MBC drama 'Dinner Mate' (also known as 'Shall We Eat Dinner Together'). During the interview, Seo Jihye was asked about her ideal type and whether or not she has recently had thoughts to be in a relationship. Seo Jihye was born in 1984 and will turn 36 years old this August. 

Image Source: Dispatch

Seo Jihye began, "I want to meet (date) a guy now." She then explained, "I used to think that I need to meet a guy who is handsome, or who has a certain height. It's not like I've never been in a relationship, but in the past, I tried hard to show my pretty sides." 


The actress continued, "These days, I wonder whether there's a guy who can accept my 'ugly' sides too. In the end, a man who can completely understand me is the best. I want to get married to a man like that, a man who can love me as I am, not only the pretty sides I've shown on TV, and the one who can understand my weaknesses."

Seo Jihye added, "I think always looking good and elegant is not important. When I'm at home, I almost never use any makeup. Unless I need to go outside, I don't apply makeup. Others (makeup artists) always do the makeup for me since I was young so I'm bad at applying makeup and I can't even draw my eyebrows properly."

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