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One Hater is Under Fire for Leaving Even More Malicious Comments for Super Junior's Heechul After He had Taken Legal Action

  • 29 Jul, 2020

Fans call him shameless.

Recently, one hater of Kim Heechul has become a hot topic among fans in various online communities. The hater left another comment for Heechul, apologizing to him, but in a very rude way. He began, "If you happen to read this comment, please forgive me ㅠㅠ It was my mistake and I cannot pay that much of money (for the compensation). Is it true that a person who lives well like you take legal action against ordinary people? On top of that, you are a celebrity??"

Image Source: Instiz

The hater went on, "It's really not Super Junior that I knew. You have become a Super Junior member who only thinks about money. If you don't cancel (the legal action), you will see me dead. You should not live like that if you are a celebrity! How can you do that to your fans. I don't have money and so my parents. We don't have money but debt. I am currently looking for a job but suddenly you do something like this. Please think about my family's condition and cancel your legal action." 

He concluded his comments, "I have clearly said this to you. If you don't cancel the legal action, you kill one person. Change the wrong decision you have made as soon as possible!" 

Image Source: Instagram '@kimheenim'

Fans who read the comment have criticized the hater for being mannerless towards the idol. Several of them read, "It's the first time for me to read an apology like this," "Heechul should really continue the legal action," "I hope Heechul doesn't forgive this shameless person just because he's too kind," and more. 

What are your thoughts about this, ladies and gentlemen? 

Thumbnail Credit: JTBC, Instagram '@kimheenim'

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