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Former 'Idol School' Contestant Som Hein Announces Breakup with Girlfriend,

  •  5 Aug

Som Hein and her girlfriend have broken up.


On August 4th, the former 'Idol School' contestant announced breakup with her girlfriend via Instagram. Back in August 2019, Som Hein came out as bisexual and revealed intimate photos of her kissing her girlfriend on the cheek.  

Som Hein started, "After thinking countless times about how to explain, and clearing the thoughts, I decided to write it here." She said, "We have stopped our relationship and settled to move on, with the friend who had been in public relations with me for the first time and cheer and encourage each other for the separate path we've chosen for our lives."

She added, "She is not a friend who is active on the screen or the entertainment world, and my relationship announcing that I am coming out as bisexual has given so much interest and thoughts from so many people, which I think it is the right thing to announce what happened and to post this message here."

Som Hein said that they are just "going back to their daily lives." She explained, "She's still going to work hard for her life and I'm going to work hard for my life too," and concluded, "In the meantime, I would like to thank those who supported and who had shown interest and affection to me and my friend."

We wish all the best for Som Hein. 

Thumbnail Credit: Mnet, Instagram '@somgodld'

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