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Kwon Mina Expresses Continues to Call out Jimin and FNC Entertainment in New Worrying Instagram Post

  •  6 Aug, 2020

Kwon Mina once again wrote about Jimin and FNC Entertainment. 

On the morning of August 6th, Mina took to her Instagram and posted a worrying photo of her cut wrist, alongside a lengthy message in the caption. She once again wrote for former AOA member Jimin who had bullied her, as well as for FNC Entertainment's representative. 

Image Source: Instagram '@kvwowv'

Mina started, "I'll just let it out and for fans, please don't worry, I have even done a pictorial with the magazine that I like." She then added, "There was something that happened recently over Kakao Talk messages with a rep from FNC Entertainment. The news outlet reports said that she 'begged forgiveness,' so I sent a message to an FNC rep saying, 'Begged forgiveness? Please don't lie.' They then responded, 'I'll check,' and then a long time later they apparently felt that in their eyes, she did beg forgiveness." 

Mina went on, "How can I accept a proper apology from someone who comes over with her eyes so big and clear, asking me where my knife is, saying she doesn't remember, staring at me right in the eyes with that expression? I might as well give up."

She also expressed worry that Jimin is actually planning to be back in the entertainment industry after things getting "calmer." She wrote, "Jimin has stopped working in the entertainment industry but she'll come back when things quiet down? I can't see it. I've suffered more than 11 years."

Image Source: Instagram '@kvwowv'

The former AOA member concluded her post with a warning to FNC Entertainment, "The right time for a proper apology has long passed. I would rather that you please just be more considerate of your trainees, your agency artists, singers, actors and actresses, all of the sunbaenims. I'm really upset, angry, sleepless, why I'm still hurting, who should I talk to, who should I be compensated for, and I hope that there won't be another person who suffers like me in the future." 

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo

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