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Super Junior's Kim Heechul Responds to the Malicious Commenter Who Threatened(?) Him for Forgiveness

  •  7 Aug, 2020

Kim Heechul shared he thinks about the malicious commenter.

In a recent interview, Kim Heechul talked about the malicious commenter who "threatened" him for forgiveness. The hater wrote, "You have become a Super Junior member who only thinks about money. If you don't cancel (the legal action), you will see me dead." 

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To this, Kim Heechul said, "I don't think the person who posted the comment is a malicious commenter. I think he is a very smart fan. I don't think it is a threat." He explained, "Some might be intimidated by the comment, while some others will be annoyed. I'm on the latter side. I think he just sent a message of support, to make sure that I'm not going soft-hearted. It's like a whip for me (to continue the legal action)."

Image Source: 시사저널

Kim Heechul is currently taking legal action against haters who wrote malicious comments and false rumors. It's reported that he has hired not one, but a total of four lawyers to handle this case.  

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