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tvN Responds to Reports about Seolhyun Withdrawing from the Upcoming Drama 'Day and Night' Due to Recent Controversies

  • 10 Aug, 2020

A representative from tvN has released a statement on Seolhyun's casting in the drama. 

On August 10th, tvN responded to reports about Seolhyun possibly withdrawing herself from the upcoming drama 'Day and Night' after being dragged to Mina-Jimin bullying controversy. Seolhyun was cast for the role of Gong Hyewon, to be paired with Namgoong Min. 

A rep from the broadcasting company revealed, "We have filmed a lot for 'Day and Night.' Unless Seolhyun would like to withdraw herself, we will proceed as it's planned." 

'Day and Night' is a fantasy crime-solving drama series, dealing with a group of mysterious children who have been experimented on so that their intellects surpassed that of normal humans, but who have become emotion-less.

Thumbnail Credit: FNC Entertainment, The Qoo

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