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7 Best Scenes from the Drama 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' That will Remain Forever in Our Hearts

  • 12 Aug

Here are 7 of our most favorite scenes from the drama. 

The drama ended on August 9th with its 16th episode. However, although it has been wrapped up, we still remember how we spent our weekends fun with the drama. Despite its not-so-high viewership ratings in South Korea, the drama has become one of the most popular ones globally.

To reminisce about the drama, we have picked 7 of the best scenes from the drama. Without further ado, check out the list below!

When Moon Sangtae remembered his past partially, thought that Moon Kangtae wanted to kill him

When Moon Kangtae comforted Go Moonyoung who was disturbed by her memory of her mom

When Moon Sangtae bought food for Moon Kangtae for the first time and gave allowance money for him

When Moon Sangtae opened his heart and welcome Go Moonyoung to the family

When Moon Sangtae comforted Moon Kangtae during his hard times

When Moon Kangtae and Moon Sangtae got best wishes from their "fake" mother

When Moon Sangtae wanted to be independent of Moon Kangtae's helps

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