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MNH Entertainment Unveils Exclusive Still Cuts from CHUNG HA's Online Fan Meeting 'BYULHARANG in CHUNG HA LAND'

  • 14 Aug

Here are exclusive photos from 'BYULHARANG in CHUNG HA LAND' that you need to make your day!

Back on August 10th, MNH Entertainment surprised fans with the release of special still cuts from CHUNG HA's online fan meeting 'BYULHARANG in CHUNG HA LAND' which was held on July 19th. The online fan meeting was aired via 'V LIVE' premium subscription. 

Image Source: MNH Entertainment

Not only that the photos show CHUNG HA performing for fans, but they also include candid shots of her while getting ready for the stage as well as while interacting with BYULHARANGs during the Q&A session. 

Without further ado, check out the newly-released still cuts from CHUNG HA's recent online fan meeting below!

Image Source: MNH Entertainment

In case you missed the online fan meeting, you can watch the replay here.

Thumbnail Credit: MNH Entertainment

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