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Netizens Look back on BTS X Jessi Special Collaboration from 2016, Wonder if It Might Happen Again in the Future

  • 24 Aug, 2020

Yes, BTS and Jessi once collaborated for an official release.

It was for their commercial film with 'SK Telecom,' released back in Mar ch 2016. With their popularity getting more immense these days, Netizens look back at how they work together for the mobile service provider. Moreover, just in August, both Jessi and BTS made their comeback with their music release -- Jessi with her latest album 'Nuna' and BTS with their first full-English song 'Dynamite.'

Image Source: Youtube 'SK telecom' Screenshot

BTS and Jessi went head-to-head in a street performance battle concept for the commercial film. They can be seen overflowing with chemistry in the CF. Jessi herself once talked about collaborating with BTS. She said, "BTS is talented but the most important thing is that they have great teamwork. I think that's the thing that makes it possible. I worked with them for 14 hours and they are close to each other. They are best friends."

Resurfacing once again after more than 4 years, Netizens are discussing whether it's possible for BTS and Jessi to work together for another project in the future.   

In case you haven't seen the CF, you can check it out below.

Source: [Youtube] SK telecom

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, SK telecom

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