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7 Actors Who Look All Captivating with Just a Plain White Tee

  • 28 Aug, 2020

No one can wear plain white tee better than them.

Being fashionable and being extravagant are two different things. Most of the time, people think that we need to wear something fancy to look stylish. However, it's not the case, after all. These actors have proven that only a plain white tee can also make them shine bright. 

So, check out who they are below!

Ahn Bohyun

Image Source: FN Entertainment

Kang Dongwon 

Image Source: Twitter '@CJENMOVIE,' Uniqlo

Park Bogum

Image Source: TNGT

Ji Changwook

Image Source: Glorious Entertainment

Park Seojoon 

Image Source: tvN, awesome Entertainment

Song Kang

Image Source: Instagram '@songkang_b'

Kim Woobin

Image Source: The Qoo

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Thumbnail Credit: Glorious Entertainment, awesome Entertainment

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