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Korean Men Pick Male Celebrities with Best Visuals

  •  8 Sep, 2020

These male celebrities are the most handsome, according to Korean men. 

The 'Male Grooming Trend Report' has recently asked Korean men between the ages 20 and 39 to participate in a poll in which they gave the names of the male celebrities with the most 'ideal visuals.' For this year, too, Hyun Bin, Jung Woosung, and Wonbin took the top three spots; in 2019, Jung Woosung took the top spot, followed by Won Bin and Hyun Bin. You can check out the list below for the most-mentioned male celebrities with the best visuals, picked by Korean men. 

  • Hyun Bin

  • Image Source: The Qoo

  • Jung Woosung 

  • Image Source: As tagged

  • Won Bin 

  • Image Source: OLZEN

  • Park Bogum

  • Image Source: eider

  • Jang Donggun 

  • Image Source: Esquire

  • Gong Yoo 

  • Image Source: LA MER

  • Park Seojoon 

  • Image Source: K2

  • Jung Haein 

  • Image Source: COSMOPOLITAN

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, marie claire, OLZEN

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