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Scene Stealer Actor Kim Junhan Reveals That He will NOT Join Cast Members of 'Hospital Playlist' for the 2nd Season

  • 11 Sep, 2020

Kim Junhan will not appear in the 2nd season of the drama 'Hospital Playlist.'

On September 10th, Kim Junhan's interview was released on star PD Na Youngseok's Youtube channel. The actor talked more about his popular character Ahn Chihong in 'Hospital Playlist.' Ahn Chihong is a third-year resident in neurosurgery at the Yulje Medical Center. He has a one-sided love to doctor Chae Songhwa (played by Jeon Mido). Although it was a small role, Ahn Chihong has been receiving much love from viewers for his pure heart. 

During the interview, Kim Junhan revealed that he, unfortunately, will not join the cast members for the 2nd season of the drama. He said, "Doctor Ahn Chihong will not be able to join the cast for the 2nd season. However, I will "join" the drama by showing my support as a viewer." 

Image Source: Youtube '채널 십오야' Screenshot

He added, "I'm sure that Doctor Ahn Chihong is doing all great somewhere else. I will thank you if you keep supporting him like that. I will be always prepared just in case Doctor Chihong is needed sometime in the future."

Kim Junhan concluded, "It's kinda saddening. Why are only sad thoughts coming up in my mind? Really, I think I will miss the cast members so I'm planning to visit them once. I will support them."

Image Source: Youtube '채널 십오야' Screenshot

Check out the full video below (Kim Junhan talked about not appearing in the 2nd season of the drama starting from 16:51 mark)!

Source: [Youtube] 채널 십오야

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube '채널 십오야' Screenshot, 

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