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Actor Lee Junki Surprises Fans with His Diet Plan, Says That He has Stopped Eating Wheat for 4 Years

  •  7 Oct, 2020

Lee Junki talked more about his diet plan. 

Back on October 3rd, actor Lee Junki greeted fans through an Instagram live broadcast. During the talk, one fan left a comment, "Should we eat ramyun?" To this, Lee Junki revealed, "It's been a long time since I've stopped eating instant noodles."

Image Source: Instiz

He continued, "When I crave for spicy ramyun, I eat konjac noodles instead." He also said that he has completely stopped eating wheat. The actor revealed that he has managed his food intake for approximately 4 years. 

Image Source: Instiz

Lee Junki went on explaining, "I also don't really eat rice. I get carbohydrates from healthy food." However, he said that even he has avoided unhealthy food, he still gains weight. He said, "In the future, too, I will mind my intake.

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@actor_jg,' The Qoo

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