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Watch: Actor Jang Dongyoon Hilariously Picks Jessi as His Ideal Type among Female Cast Members of 'The Sixth Sense'

  •  8 Oct

Jang Dongyoon picked Jessi among all. 

tvN has released the video teaser for the 5th episode of 'Sixth Sense' featuring actor Jang Dongyoon. In the teaser video, Jang Dongyoon gets ready with MC Yoo Jaesuk and the four female cast members—Jessi, Jeon Somin, Oh Nara, and Lovelyz's Mijoo—to start their "mission." 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN' Screenshot

While on their way, Jang Dongyoon was asked to pick one among the four as his ideal type he'd like to date if they happened to be isolated in a desert island. Starting from Mijoo, each member tried to appeal Jang Dongyoon with their charms. Jessi, though, said, "I am just me." 

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN' Screenshot

After giving some thoughts, Jang Dongyoon said, "To be honest? I want to date a noona (someone older than him)." The actor eventually picked Jessi. He said, "I think she is a fun person." Hearing his answer, the other three showed their disbelief and complained Jang Dongyoon. Oh Nara even joked, "I think you are out of your mind."

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN' Screenshot

Check out the teaser video below while waiting for the full episode starring Jang Dongyoon as the guest later tonight at 9 P.M KST!

Source: [Youtube] tvN

Thumbnail Credit: 동이컴퍼니, MBC

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