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Actress Ha Jiwon on Being in a Relationship: "I am Not Against Dating and Marriage but..."

  • 12 Oct, 2020

Ha Jiwon shared her thoughts on being in a relationship.

The actress has recently sat down for an interview about her currently-premiering movie 'Guarantee' (literal translation). During the talk, Ha Jiwon, who turned 42 years old earlier this June, talked more about being in a relationship and getting married. 

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

She said, "I think I want to get married after I meet the right person. However, it's not like I must get married." She went on, "But I am also not against marriage."

Image Source: CJ Entertainment

Ha Jiwon added, "I don't do blind dates. I want to meet the right person naturally."

Thumbnail Credit: CJ Entertainment, The Qoo

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