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Web Drama 'My Fuxxxxx Romance' Causes Debate for Its R-Rated Script and Scenes

  • 13 Oct, 2020

Netizens have various reactions to the drama. 

'My Fuxxxxx Romance' is a web drama of Playlist Studio, starring Oh Dongmin, Kim Yikyeong, gugudan's Hana, and Kim Seungho as the main cast. The drama tells the story of a woman who seeks an open relationship. However, she ends up meeting one man and falling into a complicated love with him.

Image Source: Playlist Studio

The first episode of the drama was premiered exclusively on NAVER TV on October 11th—to be available on Youtube starting from October 15th. As it's the first time for a Korean web drama to portray a 19-rated concept, pros and cons of arguments have been circulating. One of the scenes in the first episode of the web drama portrays the female lead saying, "Will you sleep with Noona?" When the male cast refused and said, "Our personalities really don't match," the female character replied, "But we will definitely go along well in bed."

Image Source: Playlist Studio

Currently, many people have been in online debate whether or not the web drama has gone too far. Pros side claims that the concept is solely to deliver the story of the drama, while the cons side believes that it's definitely not right for a web drama to portray an R-rated concept since it's easier for minors to access it.  

What do you think about this? You can watch the teaser of the drama below. 

Source: [Youtube] PLAYLIST ORIGINALS 플레이리스트 오리지널

Thumbnail Credit: Playlist Studio, Youtube 'PLAYLIST ORIGINALS 플레이리스트 오리지널' Screenshot

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