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Netizens Find Resemblance of BLACKPINK's Lisa and the AI Version of aespa's NingNing, ae-NingNing

  •  9 Nov, 2020

A lot of fans think that ae-NingNing resembles BLACKPINK's Lisa much. 

On November 9th, SM Entertainment revealed the AI version of aespa's NingNing: ae-NingNing. Following the release, a lot of fans have been showing much interest in the avatar for its resemblance to NingNing herself. However, some claim that the avatar actually resembles BLACKPINK's Lisa more than NingNing. 

Image Source: Twitter '@aespa_official'

The debate has started when some of the fans found out that ae-NingNing outfits look pretty much similar to the stage outfits Lisa wore at the '2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon.'

Image Source: As tagged 

A lot of fans actually take this matter lightly since they focus more on the human version of the group rather than the AI version. As for BLINKs, they have been more surprised at how a human being can be as perfect as a computer graphic avatar.

Do you think ae-NingNing resembles Lisa a lot?

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@aespa_official,' Sweet Crush

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