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YG Entertainment Confirms TREASURE has Officially Sold Over 700 Thousand Albums from 'The First Step' Series

  • 16 Nov, 2020

TREASURE has added up to more than 700 thousand copies of albums sold. 

On November 16th, YG Entertainment confirmed that the rookie group has now sold more than 700 thousand copies since their debut. The milestone was reached after their recent album 'The First Step: Chapter Three' had recorded 210,000 copies sold. Chapters one and two of the series sold 500,000 combined copies so it results in a combined total of over 700,000 albums sold.

Image Source: YG Entertainment

A representative from the label said, "Most of the members are still in the teenage years. Therefore, if we allow more communication with their fans and work harder, the growth is expected to increase gradually." 

TREASURE made their debut on August 7th with the lead single 'Boy' from their single album 'The First Step: Chapter One.' Since their debut, the 12-member group has made impressive achievements, such as topping iTunes charts, becoming the fastest K-pop group to chart on Billboard's Social 50, and more. 

Meanwhile, TREASURE is projected to release their first full-length album in January 2021.

Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment

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