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2AM's Jinwoon Sheds Tears While Talking about His Relationship with Kyungri

  • 18 Nov, 2020

Jinwoon shed tears over his girlfriend Kyungri. 

The singer came as a guest on the November 17th episode of MBC's 'Video Star' along with Hanhae, Hoon, as well as Bernard Park, who were all recently discharged from the military. During the talk, MC Park Narae mentioned Kyungri and asked Jinwoon, "What did you say to your girlfriend when you were about to enlist?" 

To this, Jinwoon said, "To be honest, at first, I thought that she could not wait for me. I even asked her whether it's also good to break up while the two of us still fond of each other. I was too sorry for her. I really wanted to take care of her (but I couldn't)." He continued, "However, she said that she'd wait. She also always came to visit me during my military breaks. I think we still can date now thanks to her, who works hard on our relationship." 

Image Source: Youtube 'ALL THE K-JAM 올더케이잼' Screenshot

Jinwoon was then asked to give a video letter to Kyungri. He said, "Thank you for waiting for me..." However, before he could continue, he was choked in tears. Jinwoon then added, "When the dating rumors first came out, I wasn't there by her side. She had to go through difficulties in interviews. I love you."

Jinwoon and Kyungri confirmed their relationship back in November 2019.

Check out the video below to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] ALL THE K-JAM 올더케이잼

Thumbnail Credit: MBC, Youtube 'ALL THE K-JAM 올더케이잼' Screenshot,

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